marathon runnerHi there! My name is Di, i’m a marathon runner and this is my site. I live in Los Angeles and works in the aerospace industry.

I freelance as a WordPress consultant to businesses (big and small), do social media integration and have a great dog named Baby.

A decent handyman on weekends I am…but definitely shy away from any electrical work.

You’ll find in this website information I’ve gathered around the web. These are information that may or may not interest you but your welcome to read the articles, watch the videos and (decide) do as you please… ¬†

I have sports nutrition information and other related products and services that I’ve used before, during and after my marathon training. You’ll find on this site about a lot of things in general.

Plus, products and/or services that I know friends and acquaintances have used not to mention intriguing stuff as well.

Alright then…’got one for your information. Hopefully I can be of any help.

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